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  Golden Harvest | Syngenta

Variety RM* Description
G18D87 118 Broadly adapted with a complete agronomic package
G16K01 116 Broadly adapted product with superior yield potential
G15Z99 115 Exceptional top-end yield with excellent late season harvest appearance
G14V04 114 Great performance in stress environments to minimize weather risks
G14H66 114 Outstanding Yield potential with Agrisure Artesian® technology
G13S06 113 Powerful disease protection with top yields
G13N18 113 Excellent tolerance to heat and moisture stress with western adaptation
G13E90 113 Outstanding top-end yield potential
G12B10 112 Solid agronomic package with stable yield performance
G12W66 112 Very strong agronomic package provides superb performance
G11F16 111 Outstanding yield potential with Agrisure Artesian® technology
G11U58 111 Widely adapted with consistent performance over many environments
G10S30 110 Outstanding yield performance for maximum returns
G10Z64 110 Excellent tolerance to heat and moisture stress with western adaptation
G10C45 110 Solid agronomic package with outstanding yield performance
G07V88 107 Elite genetics with solid agronomics for superior yield performance
G07B39 107 Excellent drought tolerance powered by Agrisure Artesian® technology
G06K93 106 Excellent drought tolerance delivers dependable performance
G03C84 103 Diverse genetics with top-end yield
G03J49 103 Excellent yield potential with good drydown
G03A50 103 Broadly adapted hybrid with top-end yield potential
G01P52 101 Exciting yield levels paired with Agrisure Artesian® technology
G98L17 98 Broadly adapted product with strong drought tolerance
G98R06 98
G95D32 95
G92T43 92 Top-end yield potential with broad adaptation
G90Y04 90
*Relative Maturity
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