• Yield Saver
  • Chainroll
  • Soilscan
  • Y-Drop
  • Undercover

  360 Yield Saver



  Traditional corn heads have gaps in the deck plates and gathering chains that result in corn kernels falling right   through. 360 YIELD SAVER eliminates those gaps by adding intermeshing bristles to traditional gathering chains   to capture significantly more kernels.

  Side by side tests show 360 YIELD SAVER reduces header loss by over 80%. 360 YIELD SAVER can pay for itself   within the first season and generate more than a 75% ROI after three years.


  • Mounts easily on corn heads
  • Provides a similar wear life to other gathering chains
  • Chain includes crop lugs (not shown) to improve stalk feeding
  • 360 YIELD SAVER blocks easily attach to chain
  • Simply replace blocks when they wear out
  • Chain wear life similar to conventional chains
  • Block life expected to be one to one and a half seasons


  Field test show that 360 YIELD SAVER typically captures and additional 1.8 bushels per acre. The savings add up quickly. Consider   the return on investment for a typical corn operation. With an eight row head covering 750 acres per year, a grower could expect gross   yield savings of over $16,000 and a net profit of over $7,000. That’s a 76% return on investment.

  In addition to the yield capture, header management improves. You no longer have to manage the header speed to minimize header   loss. You can optimize head and feeder house speed to ground speed and crop flow. Plus, because 360 YIELD SAVER can capture   nubbins and undersized ears, you have more flexibility in deck plate spacing.


  • John Deere 600 AND 40/90 Corn Heads
  • CaseIH 1000 through 5000 Corn Heads
  • Drago GT and Series 2 Corn Heads
  • Gehringhoff Northstar, Rota Disc, MS Cornstar, PC Corn Heads
  • Capella Quasar Corn Head



  Visit www.360yieldcenter.com for more information or contact:
  Matt Long | 620.872.4842 | matt@redbarnenterprises.com


  360 Chainroll

  Create the right environment for soil microbes and nitrogen availability with a new approach to residue   management. 360 CHAINROLL chops and crimps stalks, making residue more available to microbial breakdown   for better soil health and nutrient availability.


  • Precision cutting
  • Precision sizing
  • Precision residue management


  When you properly manage crop residue, you set yourself up for success in the next season. 360 CHAINROLL helps you create ideal   conditions for healthy emergence, healthy soil and healthy yields by:

  • Cutting stalks precisely for better row cleaning and a clear seedbed
  • Crimping and scoring stalks to expose the interior to microbes
  • Sizing stalks for faster decomposition and microbial breakdown


  Each pair of 360 CHAINROLL units are precision engineered to create specific lacerations in the stalk. The stalk rolls feature a   combination of cutting flutes and chaining flutes that work together to penetrate the pith and pull out the cut. The result is a consistent   chainlike pattern that leaves a significant area exposed for microbes to enter the stalk. The hardened surfaces also get sharper with   more acres, providing wear life that is similar to standard stalk rolls.

  • 360 CHAINROLL units directly replace old stalk rolls
  • Retrofit is available for John Deere 40 Series, 90 Series and 600 Series corn head models
  • Additional model retrofit options available in 2016



 Visit www.360yieldcenter.com for more information or contact:
  Matt Long | 620.872.4842 | matt@redbarnenterprises.com





  360 Soilscan

  360 SOILSCAN™ is a portable soil testing system that gives you the ability to sense the signals your farm is   sending.

  Key Features

  1. Field-side soil nitrate and pH analysis
  2. Fast results
  3. Accurate results

  Built for the field.

  360 SOILSCAN provides you with zone-specific soil nitrate analysis results right in your field in as little as 5 minutes,
  with accuracy that’s comparable to commercial lab results.

  Durable:         Rugged case protects it from the elements
  Expandable:   Four sensor slots to allow for future innovations
  Portable:        Easily transported and operated from the back of your truck or ATV
  Functional:     Uses your iPad® as the operating platform and upgrades without new hardware1

  Four steps in five minutes.

  360 SOILSCAN provides you with accurate soil nitrate analysis based on parts per million in 4 easy steps:

  Step 1: Take a soil sample from your field.
  Step 2: Using the scoop provided, place two scoops of soil into a standard Dixie cup and place in the mixing station.
  Step 3: Mix soil and water into a slurry to allow detection of soil nutrient properties.
  Step 4: Analyze the soil with 360 SOILSCAN and determine the amount of nitrate ions present.

  1iPad not included.



  Visit www.360yieldcenter.com for more information or contact:
  Matt Long | 620.872.4842 | matt@redbarnenterprises.com

  360 Y-Drop

  360 Y-DROP™ gives you more control over when and where you apply nitrogen to your crops— now even up to   tassel. And since corn uses 75 percent of nitrogen after the V10 stage1, a late-season nitrogen application can help   you improve yield in ways you haven’t been able to before.

  Key Features

  1. Late-season nitrogen application
  2. Precision nitrogen placement
  3. Variable rate nitrogen application

  Full season application.

  With 360 Y-DROP, you can now make a nitrogen management plan that includes both split and late-season nitrogen applications.

  360 Y-DROP helps you get more out of your nitrogen investment by:

  Providing precision placement of nitrogen, as well as phosphorus, potassium and micronutrients, within 2 to 3 inches of crop row
  Targeting nitrogen application directly at the stalk base
  Using stem water to move nitrogen into the soil and root zone
  Applying without scoring the soil to reduce cracking

  Fast mounting for effective application.

  360 Y-DROP is available in 20-inch to 30-inch row spacing. You can install and remove it easily on most sprayers including:

  • Self-propelled sprayers
  • Pull-behind sprayers
  • High-clearance sprayers

  1Data on file.



  Visit www.360yieldcenter.com for more information or contact:
  Matt Long | 620.872.4842 | matt@redbarnenterprises.com

  360 Undercover

  360 UNDERCOVER™ has multidirectional spray nozzles that glide under the crop canopy to help you protect
  crops from late-season disease and insect infestations. It’s a new fungicide, insecticide and nutrient application
  solution to help increase product efficacy and improve crop health.

  Key Features

  • Flexible fungicide, insecticide and nutrient applications
  • Under canopy application
  • Targeted application

  Smart design for smart application.

  360 UNDERCOVER mounts easily to your 360 Y-DROP™ riser and glides smoothly through the field for targeted fungicide,   insecticide and nutrient applications. It also gives you multiple nozzle choices, which allow you to adjust your application speed
  and pressure accordingly.

  Each unit operates up to four multi-directional spray nozzles
  Multiple nozzle types can be used for customized spray pattern and droplet size
  Ability to gain 150-degree horizontal spray application side-by-side
  Special shell design protects nozzles and moves smoothly under the crop canopy



  Visit www.360yieldcenter.com for more information or contact:
  Matt Long | 620.872.4842 | matt@redbarnenterprises.com