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Are You Facing Obstacles Like


Low Commodity Prices Combined with Rising Input Costs?


Uncontrollable Weather Throughout the Growing Season?


Feeling Discouraged With Today's Farming Environment?


How to Expand the Farm & Leave a Legacy for the Next Generation?

Learn How Farmers Like You Are Having More Success Despite the Difficult Farming Conditions


Why Red Barn Enterprises?

When it comes to farming, many producers struggle with rising input costs, low commodity prices and unpredictable weather. At Red Barn Enterprises, we help you customize a plan to achieve your long-term goals; to not only make your operation more profitable, but ultimately to ensure that your farm and your legacy are here for generations to come.

We believe that with clear focus, you can make better decisions and achieve long-term success.

For the past decade we've been helping growers "Farm Differently" by focusing on the variables that are within their control. At the end of the day, we’re not here just to sell you seed. Instead, we want to help you achieve your long-term goals, support our rural community and make sure the farming way of life is passed on for generations to come.

It’s time to stop feeling stressed & frustrated over the lack of control you have in farming and instead take charge by following a proven plan to Farm Differently.

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Are You A Believer? How Soil Testing, Planning and Hybrid Placement Impact Your Success

At Red Barn Enterprises soil testing results, operational planning to offset obstacles, and a robust hybrid portfolio are the building blocks of any recommendation we make for your operation. As farmers like yourself enter a period of post-harvest reflection, take some time to ponder the following: Do you truly believe in the products and processes that make your operation successful? Check out this week's EZ Ag spotlight, brought to you by Matt Long of Red Barn Enterprises.
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Are You Happy with What You See This Year? | November 2, 2022

As harvest wraps up, farmers continue to think about their crops and how they yielded. They begin to notice certain things that impacted the crop in each field during the growing season that are now more visible as the crop matures. Stalk quality, disease levels, plant health, drought tolerance and management are all indicators of the kind of growing season it has been. As a result, what comes to the minds of most growers is, which varieties were best at resisting those problems and will yield the most. They start deciding which ones need to be eliminated from their program. However, that line of thinking is most often misdirected. It's fall, the time when every field in our area is displaying the results of a sometimes-challenging year. The impact of the 1,000 variables on the crop has effected each field’s overall performance in some way. Some of the affects were positive, and some were negative. In addition, the grower’s own attention to detail really paid off this year by making sure the crop, and field were protected as much as possible from those variables. We know growers with even the best intentions and attention to detail were negatively impacted at points throughout the season by certain uncontrollable variables. Lack of rain, hot weather, spider mites and other factors can sometimes overwhelm all human efforts. When you judge a field this time of year it can tell you a lot. It may tell you what a great job you did. It may show you areas you can improve on, or it may tell you there is nothing else you could have done. The results in the field will reflect that. So, give yourself a pat on the back where things went as planned because of the actions you took to protect the crop. Give yourself a mild kick in the shin where you could have done better and the crop is telling you that. Or, simply shrug your shoulders where mother nature got you and there was nothing you or anyone else could have done about it. As you wrap up this harvest season, review your notes on what you learned. Every one of my customers does a great job. But we all have things we can improve on as new challenges are thrown our way every year. We will continue to discuss those improvements as we finalize your cropping plans for 2023 planting.
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Do You Know How to Control the Weather? | October 18, 2022

Probably the one thing that scares farmers the most is their inability to control the weather and the negative impact it can have on their livelihood. Especially in our part of the country where moisture patterns are so uncertain. We know mother nature is the greatest variable in every production system, and some years it can totally determine the outcome of that system – if we let it that is. I’m not saying you can do anything about the total lack of rain on dryland or that we can do something to fix the extremes. But there are years when a little extra effort in prevention can make a big difference in the final outcome of our crop. More than 1,000 variables influence our crops in both positive and negative ways every year. Left uncontrolled, Mother Nature can turn a profit into a loss in five minutes, five hours, five days, five weeks, or even five months. But that doesn’t always need to happen. The key to controlling the effects of Mother Nature is to take away as many elements of susceptibility in your crop production system as possible. The goal is to keep those 1,000 variables from inflicting significant damage on our crop when we can prevent it. We know varieties can’t protect themselves from unfriendly conditions, so that’s our job as producers. That’s why one of the first things we do is assign just one variety to a field to allow for more effective, prescription-based application of nutrients and pesticides when needed for that particular variety. Second, we plant a portfolio of different varieties across the farm to reduce the risk of damage by a weather event that hits one variety particularly hard. Third, we follow the “Top 5 Factors” when we plant. We know that perfect planting increases the number of full-size, healthy plants in the field, allowing 100% of the yield potential to be established at planting. During the growing season, we make sure young plants have immediate access to nutrients through a good starter fertilizer program. And last, but not least, it’s essential to rely on regular field scouting – step five of the “Top 5 Factors” – to ensure the crop is protected throughout the growing season. All of these steps play a major role in reducing the amount of negative impact weather and mother nature can have on a crop. Finally, for the years when the prevention practices listed above just aren’t enough to combat the wrath of Mother Nature enter the AgriClime Dryland Offer from Golden Harvest. This program gives farmers like you the confidence to invest in a better crop through adverse weather protection and risk mitigation. Contact us today to enroll your operation in the 2023 program. It's your job as farmers to proactively protect each individual variety from the antics of Mother Nature. And when you do that, you also have gone a long way in taking control of the weather. Bet you didn’t realize you had that much control did you?
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Ask Yourself

How many of your fields are not producing to their full potential because of uncooperative weather or the lack of a detailed cropping plan? What's your plan to grow the farm for the next generation? Is the stress and frustration of today’s farming environment taking the joy out of farming?

Not having a customized plan may already be impacting you and your farming operation significantly.

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Ask Yourself

How many of your fields are not producing to their full potential because of uncooperative weather or the lack of a detailed cropping plan? What's your plan to grow the farm for the next generation? Is the stress and frustration of today’s farming environment taking the joy out of farming?

Not having a customized plan may already be impacting you and your farming operation significantly.

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